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A token developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With three simple functions: 5% burn, 5% rewarding holders and 5% transaction fee.

CONTRACT: 0x6975103dec4b39b856ef1a1038920bd890e69d30



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StartSupply: burned(dead):494.967.223.509Transaction Burn(decrease):41.195.501.280Locked Tokens:


Soon Providing Tokens:365.494.396.202Available Supply:


Tennisball Token is a community orientated & frictionless, smart-contract based on the Binance Smart Chain. The project is based on an RFI tokenomic model that takes a 5% fee on every transaction that is proportionally redistributed to all holders of the Tennisball token, 5% transaction fee and another 5% fee that goes into a black hole and burned for ever.

The project maintains the long-term goal of launching a Tennis App, providing a space for Tennis shop, sales and sharing, as well as other utilities and sub-projects that are yet to be announced. The strongest asset of Tennisball is the incredible community that has been built around it. Giveaways & competitions are an integral part of Tennisball.

Tennisball strives to stand out from the crowd and move into a future of versatile use. With a dedicated team of skilled and technically experienced developers, marketing and social engagement mangagers, the project will be run by a community with a real belief in decentralized finance and the positive changes they are making in the global community.


  • Using social platforms to spread the idea of the Tennisball Token.
    Promote and advertise community. Get involved in the community.

Deflationary and Rewards

  • 5% of each transaction is used to reward holders.
    Simply hold Tennisball in your wallet and you will get more!
  • 5% transaction burn, Tennisball Token is deflationary that decreases in total supply every time a token transfer happens.
    As with every transfer, 5% of the transferred ammout will be burned.


  • We want to develop and app, in addition to access to the TBT wallet, will also have an integrated tennis shop, sales and sharing, as well as other utilities and sub-projects that are yet to be announced.
  • We burned 50% of the total start supply in 2021. The link to proof is here: ExploreBurn
  • We will provide a total of up to 30% of the tokens for exchanges.
  • Used for our Ecosystem and Marketing.
  • Locked team tokens until June 2025
  • This includes the total ammount of tokens held back for the team.

Create token in BinanceSmartChain BEP-20 with 5% Transaction fee, 5% Burn fee & 5% Rewarding holders.

Starting Events: Giveaway & Competitions every week for ever.

We have burned all of our liquidity ticket.
Proof here: Liquidity

We have burned 50% to total of 2 dead wallets.
Proof here: BSCscanTX

Getting listed on Bitmart

Research for app development (connect-wallet, shop and more)

Get partnerships in the tennis industry as well as tennis clubs.