How to buy Tennisball Token?

This is a quick guide on how to get the Tennisball token. However, there are different methods (for example Trustwallet), this is just one. We are using Metamask.

If you do not yet have any BNB on Metamask, then you have to send your BNB to the BinanceSmartChain via Binance, but before we do this, we create a Metamask wallet and connect it to the Binance Smart Chain network. So that you can see your BNB, that you send to Metamask.

When the network is set up at Metamask, you copy your Metamask address and go to Binance, there you insert your address when paying out and select BEP-20 BSC.

It only takes a few seconds to send. Now you can use your BNB that has arrived on the Metamask wallet for a purchase in the Binance Smart Chain.

Please open the page, copy the contract address or press the trade button immediately. It will automatically add the tennisball token to pancakeswap as a pairing without you having to do it yourself.



1. Create Metamask & setup for Binance Smart Chain Network

2. Send BNB coin via Binance to Metamask

3. Visit and press „Trade“ or you copy contract address.

4. On Pancakeswap you can finaly buy TBT (TennisballToken)